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Monthly Archives: July 2019


Can I Seek Pet Custody in My Florida Divorce?

By Anderson & Ferrin |

While the term “custody” usually gets discussed in a divorce case involving minor children, many people in Florida consider their pets to be important parts of the family. Accordingly, when spouses own a pet together, the prospect of divorce can raise the issue of pet custody. If you do not own a pet, you… Read More »

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Eligibility for Consumer Bankruptcy

By Anderson & Ferrin |

If you are struggling with debt, you may be thinking about filing for consumer bankruptcy. The two most common types of consumer bankruptcy are Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In some cases, however, individual debtors need to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy if they are not eligible for Chapter 7 or Chapter… Read More »

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What is Commingled Property in a Florida Divorce?

By Anderson & Ferrin |

Property division in any Orlando divorce can be contentious and complicated, particularly when there are assets with high market values or assets that are difficult to value properly. One of the more complicated issues in a Florida divorce when it comes to the distribution of marital property is commingled property. What is commingled property,… Read More »

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What is the Difference Between a Contested and Uncontested Divorce?

By Anderson & Ferrin |

When you are considering divorce in Florida, you may already know that you and your spouse are likely to have a contentious divorce proceeding in which it is difficult to reach an agreement about anything. Or, perhaps, you have been discussing the possibility of divorce with your spouse, and you already know that the… Read More »

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