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Monthly Archives: February 2020


5 Things to Know About Consumer Bankruptcy Discharges

By Anderson & Ferrin |

If you are considering consumer bankruptcy in Orlando, it is important to have the information you need about bankruptcy discharges. Many people file for bankruptcy under the assumption that a discharge will be automatic and quick, while other consumers do not realize that different types of personal bankruptcy have different timelines for a discharge…. Read More »

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Reassessing Gray Divorce in 2020

By Anderson & Ferrin |

It is a new decade, and Floridians continue to file for divorce. Many of those Orlando residents are nearing retirement, or have already reached their retirement years. Given the high number of older adults in Orlando and throughout the state, it is important to understand some of the unique issues facing Florida residents in… Read More »

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Frequently Asked Questions About Child Support in Florida

By Anderson & Ferrin |

If you are getting divorced and have minor children from your marriage, or if you are separating from a partner to whom you are not married but with whom you share minor children, you probably have a variety of questions about child support. Florida law (Fla. Stat. § 61.30) governs child support matters in… Read More »

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Florida Ranks as a Top State for Divorced Fathers

By Anderson & Ferrin |

If you are considering divorce or find yourself in the early stages of a Florida divorce, you may have concerns about child custody. We often work with parents who are worried that they will not be able to see their children as much as they would like once the divorce is finalized, or that… Read More »

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