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Monthly Archives: October 2020


Talking to Adult Children About Divorce

By Anderson & Ferrin |

When most Floridians with children from their marriage are getting divorced and worrying about how their kids will react, their children are still minors living at home. Certainly, minor children can take the news of divorce with much difficulty, and the processes of determining child custody and time-sharing can be complicated and contentious. Yet… Read More »

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Issues to Consider When Deciding Whether to File for Divorce

By Anderson & Ferrin |

Filing for divorce in Orlando is not a decision that anyone makes haphazardly or without significant thought. Yet sometimes spouses can decide to file for divorce without thinking through consequences concerning the timing of the divorce, or other matters that ultimately could impact the outcome of the divorce case. While every case has its… Read More »

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Divorce Rates Are Rising Due to COVID-19

By Anderson & Ferrin |

When the pandemic began affecting Americans and states across the country went under lockdown, psychologists and other experts suggested that self-quarantine and stay-at-home orders could result in a higher number of divorces once courts reopened. While many courts across the country remain closed, many have reopened, and parties can again move forward with divorce… Read More »

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If I Own a Business, Can I File for Personal Bankruptcy?

By Anderson & Ferrin |

Many business owners in Florida are struggling financially as a result of COVID-19 closures and the continued risks of the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, many individuals are also struggling with debt and trying to determine their options for managing debt after losing a job or experiencing a significant business downturn. Although some… Read More »

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