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Monthly Archives: July 2021


Four Property Division Mistakes To Avoid During Divorce

By Anderson & Ferrin |

Some terms of divorce are more commonly debated between couples than others, and the division of assets is one of them. According to Florida’s equitable distribution laws, marital assets are divided fairly during the divorce process, and that does not always mean they are divided equally. There is a lot of room for error… Read More »

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Can You Modify A Premarital Agreement?

By Anderson & Ferrin |

Once, premarital agreements were largely reserved for celebrities or very wealthy couples that wanted to protect their high net worth assets in the event that they got a divorce. Today though, more and more people are drafting a prenuptial agreement before they get married for a variety of reasons. Premarital agreements are a legal… Read More »

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Why Did The Divorce Rate Surge During The Pandemic?

By Anderson & Ferrin |

According to a new study, divorce rates surged by 34 percent in the summer of 2020 compared to the previous year. Many experts predicted that the pandemic, and the long shelter-in-place orders, would lead to an increase in divorce rates, and it seems that prediction has come to fruition. What was it about the… Read More »

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Special Considerations In Gray Divorce Cases

By Anderson & Ferrin |

It is easy to assume that when a couple has been together for several years, particularly when they have been together for decades, that they will be together forever. However, the number of gray divorce cases that involve older individuals has been increasing for the past few years. Gray divorces are governed by the… Read More »

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