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Monthly Archives: October 2021


5 Tips For Co-Parenting Successfully

By Anderson & Ferrin |

Co-parenting after divorce is sometimes extremely difficult. When former spouses cannot agree and remain civil with each other, it is not only hurtful for them, but for the children, as well. It is crucial that co-parents continue providing a healthy and fostering environment for the kids, but this is something that is often much… Read More »

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Five Ways To Keep Your Cool During The Divorce Process

By Anderson & Ferrin |

The divorce process is a difficult one for anyone going through it and it is natural to feel sad, angry, betrayed, and frustrated. Perhaps you never thought your marriage could end, or you did not expect it to end in the sudden, bitter way it did. Whatever the reason for your feelings, they can… Read More »

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When Do You Need Permission To Move With A Child?

By Anderson & Ferrin |

Sometimes after a divorce that involves children, one parent wants to move away for employment opportunities, to be closer to family, or simply for a new start. In many cases, parents can move and even take their child with them, but it is not always so straightforward. If you or your former spouse want… Read More »

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Things To Know When Separating From Your Spouse In Florida

By Anderson & Ferrin |

Florida is one of a handful of states that does not recognize legal separation. You are legally married until your divorce is final, even if you move out of the family home. Some people separate before the divorce process even begins, while others wait until the case is final before they move out. If… Read More »

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