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Monthly Archives: January 2022


Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Know The Pros And Cons

By Anderson & Ferrin |

If you are suffering from a large amount of debt, you may have already considered filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy does allow you to start over again financially with a clean slate, if you successfully discharge most of your debt. While it is easy to focus on this one benefit, there… Read More »

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Need A Divorce Lawyer In Orlando? Here Are Four Things To Look For

By Anderson & Ferrin |

If you and your spouse have already decided to get a divorce, or if you have just started thinking about the process, it is important to work with an Orlando divorce lawyer. Although you are not required to work with a lawyer in Florida, an attorney will know how to protect your rights and… Read More »

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Five Things To Avoid When Fighting For Child Custody

By Anderson & Ferrin |

If you are currently going through a divorce and fighting for child custody, the actions you take now and once the case is over are extremely important. A judge will watch your behavior to determine if you are a fit parent and can raise a child, and your spouse may even look for things… Read More »

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Frequently Asked Questions About Premarital Agreements

By Anderson & Ferrin |

Premarital agreements are very beneficial contracts that can protect your rights in the event of divorce, but they are also largely misunderstood. Premarital agreements are no longer thought of as the romance-killers that they once were, and people do not always understand what they can and cannot include. If you are getting married and… Read More »

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Why You Should Consider Joint Custody When Getting A Divorce

By Anderson & Ferrin |

Divorce is always a scary thing to go through, and that fear makes people do things they otherwise would not. One of these is fighting for sole custody just to hurt the other party. Unfortunately, this hurts the children involved, too. Divorce is always hardest on the kids, and sometimes, fighting for sole custody… Read More »

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