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Monthly Archives: March 2022


Study Shows Divorcing Parents More Likely To Settle Out Of Court When Working With A Lawyer

By Anderson & Ferrin |

A recent study has shown that divorcing parents are more likely to settle child custody cases outside of the courtroom when each side is represented by an attorney. Additionally, when each party works with a lawyer when going through a process, parents are also more likely to share joint custody, referred to as “shared… Read More »

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How To Deal With Debts During Divorce

By Anderson & Ferrin |

During a Florida divorce, a couple will have to divide all of their marital assets, as well as any debt they accumulated during the marriage. This can cause a lot of confusion for divorcing couples, because lenders and creditors are not legally bound by the terms outlined in a final divorce agreement. At times,… Read More »

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Common Mistakes Made With Premarital Agreements, And How To Avoid Them

By Anderson & Ferrin |

No one wants to think about divorce before they have even gotten married, but a premarital agreement is a very practical document to have for many couples. While these contracts can protect both sides in the event that the marriage does not work out, they are also some of the most misunderstood documents in… Read More »

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