Five Types Of Domestic Violence Injunctions

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Types Of Injunctions

There are five types of injunctions that exist, depending on the nature of the threat:

  1. Domestic Violence Injunction
    This type of injunction can be filed if there has been an incidence of violence and the respondent is your spouse, former spouse, related to you by blood or marriage, living with you or has lived with you in the past or is the other parent of your child(ren), whether you have been married or lived together.

  2. Repeat Violence Injunction
    A Repeat Violence Injunction is two or more incidents of violence that have been committed against you or a member of your immediate family by another person. At least one of those acts of violence must have occurred within the last six months of filing a petition.

  3. Sexual Violence Injunction
    A Sexual Violence Injunction is where there has been an incidence of violence wherein a sexual act is committed or attempted. In order to receive an injunction, you must have reported the sexual violence to law enforcement and be cooperating in any resulting criminal proceeding.

  4. Dating Violence Injunction
    You may file a Dating Violence Injunction if there has been an incidence of violence between individuals who have had a continuing relationship of a romantic and intimate nature. The relationship must have existed within the past six months.

  5. Stalking Violence Injunction
    You may file a Stalking Violence Injunction if someone purposely follows or harasses you repeatedly over a period of time for no legitimate reason.

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