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Divorce Expectations And COVID-19: What Should You Expect?


According to a recent article in The New York Times, “our routines may have stalled during Covid, but the desire to divorce certainly hasn’t,” and as a result Americans need to learn more about divorce options and expectations during a pandemic. What should you expect if you want to file for divorce in Orlando during a pandemic? How about a situation in which you want to modify an existing divorce order? While the pandemic has brought about significant changes to family law practices, many aspects of divorce have remained the same. Our experienced Orlando divorce attorneys want to point out some key considerations when it comes to divorce during a pandemic.

Understand that the Divorce Timeline May Be Extended 

Depending upon the particular facts of your case, your divorce timeline may be extended due to pandemic delays. While many courts are operating after shutdowns in 2020, many are still dealing with backlogs, and divorce hearings are not always at the top of the list for cases that need to be heard before a family law judge. Accordingly, the timeline for your divorce may be longer than it would have been prior to the pandemic.

Divorce Delays Due to COVID-19 Can End Up Costing You More Money 

With some types of COVID-19 delays, you could end up spending more money on your divorce. For example, delays can give rise to new legal issues that require investigation, or more preparation time for lawyers who get ready for a case only to learn that it has been delayed because one of the parties tested positive for COVID-19.

Some Divorce Requirements Are Much More Complicated in a Pandemic 

Getting certain documents signed, and handling investigations in a divorce case, can be much more complicated during a pandemic. It may be difficult to find a notary when it comes to signing certain documents, physically mailing materials can result in delays due to USPS backlogs, and other related matters. 

Not Everything Can Be Handled Remotely 

You should be prepared to complete some aspects of the divorce process in person. To be sure, there may be steps in a Florida divorce that cannot be handled remotely.

You Might Be Pressured Into a Settlement 

Given that the pandemic can result in delays, complications, and added costs, some people who are seeking a divorce may be pressured into a settlement. You should seek advice from your attorney before you agree to a settlement, especially if it may not be the best option for you.

Learn More By Contacting an Orlando Divorce Lawyer 

When you are considering divorce, there are many legal issues you will need to take into account. And those legal considerations do not necessarily include the long list of potential complications associated with a divorce case during the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure that your divorce case goes as smoothly as possible, you should have an experienced Orlando divorce lawyer on your side from the start. One of the advocates at our firm can speak with you today about managing expectations during a pandemic and doing everything we can to minimize coronavirus-related divorce complications. Contact Anderson & Ferrin to get started on your divorce case.



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