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Orlando Modifications Lawyer

Life is unpredictable and family situations change frequently. A child custody, timesharing or child support agreement that was sensible at one time may no longer reflect the realities of your life.

Florida courts allow for changes to original agreements or court orders when warranted by a substantial life change. Examples of a substantial change include relocation, a significant increase or decrease in one’s income, an increased need for child support, or changes in a child’s life that requires an adjustment to a parenting plan.

The court does not approach modifications lightly, however, which is why it is essential to work with a lawyer who will help you reach the best terms possible in your original case.

Sometimes, custody or timesharing modifications are necessary when one parent or the other plans to relocate to a distant city or a different state with the a child. The parent proposing the move must give the other parent advance notice, and the move must be in the best interest of the child.

Support And Custody Modification Attorneys Serving Central Florida

At Anderson & Ferrin, Attorneys at Law, P.A., we have thorough knowledge of the circumstances that must be shown to amend a court order. We can help you present or defend against an alleged change of circumstances in requesting to modify child support, child custody or spousal support.

Requests for modifications that are based on changed financial circumstances generally require a shift of 15 percent or more in the ability to make payments. This can be reflected in an increase or decrease in income, and may reflect unavoidable increases in living expenses such as increased medical or educational needs for a child.

Although you may reach an agreement with your child’s other parent to modify the original terms of a divorce, it is critical to obtain formal court approval with the assistance of an experienced family law attorney. If you fail to do so and the other party who initially agreed to a change later refuses to adhere to the new terms, you will not be able to use the court to enforce the new agreement.

Contact Us Regarding Orlando Modifications

We can answer your questions regarding modifications and help you achieve your objectives, whether that is getting a modification approved or preventing one from occurring. If necessary, our firm will aggressively assert our clients’ position through litigation in order to obtain the desired outcome.

Our Orlando modification lawyers serve clients throughout central Florida. Contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. Our experience with past cases allows us to review your situation and provide an accurate assessment of what you might expect as an outcome.

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