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Orlando Sexual Violence Injunction Lawyer

Unfortunately, sexual violence remains a serious problem in Florida. If you or your child was the victim of sexual violence, a civil injunction can help to provide important protection and much needed peace of mind. You can seek a sexual violence injunction on an expedited basis, either while a criminal case is still pending or after an offender has already been released from prison.  At Anderson & Ferrin, our Orlando sexual violence injunction lawyers have the skills and experience needed to represent clients in the full range of sexual violence injunction cases. We firmly believe that every family law client deserves compassionate and attentive legal representation. To arrange a free, fully private consultation, please do not hesitate to contact our Orlando law office today.

Florida Law: Sexual Violence Injunction 

Under Florida law (Florida Statutes § 784.046(c)), a sexual violence injunction is a separate cause of action. You can obtain this type of injunction regardless of your familial or relationship status with the respondent. State law defines sexual violence as:

  • Sexual battery;
  • A lewd or lascivious act committed on a minor;
  • Luring or enticing a child; or
  • Any other forcible sex-based felony offense.

Parents/Guardians Can Act on Behalf of Children

In Florida, parents can obtain a sexual violence injunction against a respondent if their child was the victim. If your minor child currently lives with you, you have the legal authority to file the sexual violence petition on their behalf and you can handle all aspects of the case by working with your lawyer. 

You Must Report Sexual Violence to the Police  

Please note Florida law mandates cooperation with any related criminal proceedings. In order to obtain a sexual violence order of protection in Florida, the petitioner — or, if the victim is a minor, their parent — must agree to cooperate with and work with law enforcement. If you are considering seeking a sexual violence injunction, but you decline to cooperate with the police, your petition for a sexual violence injunction could be dismissed on those grounds.

Sexual Violence Injunctions: Post Conviction Protection

To ensure maximum protection for victims, a sexual violence injunction can be obtained after a defendant has already been convicted of a sex-based offense and served time in prison. In fact, a victim of a sex-based offense can petition for a sexual violence injunction against a respondent who has been released from prison or who is set to be released in prison within the next three months. Victims of sexual violence must be protected.

Contact Our Orlando Sexual Violence Injunction Attorneys Right Away

At Anderson & Ferrin, our Florida domestic violence lawyers have deep experience handling sexual violence injunction cases. We offer compassionate, effective representation to every client. To get free, fully confidential legal guidance, please contact our law firm today. From our law office in Orlando, we serve communities all over Central Florida, including in Orange County, Seminole County, Brevard County, and Osceola County.

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