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Orlando Repeat Violence Injunction Lawyer 

Unfortunately, violence remains a serious problem in our communities. For victims of violence, legal orders of protection may be available. In Florida, if you were a victim of repeated violence by the same person — regardless of your relationship to the perpetrator — you are eligible to obtain a repeat violence injunction. 

At Anderson & Ferrin, our Orlando repeat violence injunction lawyers are compassionate and attentive advocates for our clients. We have extensive experience with repeat violence injunction cases. Our Florida family law attorneys are here to protect your safety and your rights. For free, strictly confidential legal guidance, please call our Orlando law office right away.

Florida Statute: Repeat Violence Injunction 

A repeat violence injunction is designed to protect victims who have been subject to abuse by the same person on more than one occasion. Under Florida law (Florida Statutes § 784.046(b)), a repeat violence injunction is a separate, distinct cause of action.

In other words, if you are eligible to obtain a repeat violence injunction, you may also be able to get a domestic violence injunction or a dating violence injunction. To be clear, there is a good reason why a repeat violence injunction exists on its own. The key difference with a repeat violence injunction is that the petitioner does not need to establish any sort of relationship status with the alleged offender. Proving that repeated violence occurred is, itself, sufficient to obtain protection under the law.

Repeat Violence: Two or More Violent Incidents  

In order to obtain a repeat violence injunction is Florida, a petitioner must be able to prove that there were two or more violent incidents. In addition, at least one of these incidents must have occurred within the last six months. Notably, if the violence was directed at your immediate family member, such as your child, you may be able to obtain a repeat violence injunction.

What is Violence: Understanding Florida Law

For the purposes of its domestic violence laws, Florida defines the term ‘violence’ in a relatively broad manner. Indeed, violence may be simple assault, battery, sexual misconduct, stalking, kidnapping, or any other criminal offense that results in an injury to the victim.

It should be noted that petitioners seeking a civil repeat violence injunction are not required to prove the ‘violence’ beyond a reasonable doubt. This is not a criminal case. You may be eligible to get a repeat violence injunction even if there was never a criminal conviction or if a criminal case is still pending. 

Get Help From Our Orlando Repeat Violence Injunction Lawyers Today

At Anderson & Ferrin, our compassionate Orlando domestic violence attorneys have extensive experience repeat violence injunction cases. We are here to protect your rights and your family. To set up a free, fully confidential initial consultation, please contact our law firm right away. With a law office in Orlando, we represent clients throughout Orange County, including in Apopka, Edgewood, Lake Buena Vista, Maitland, and Ocoee, and Winter Park.

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