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Finding an Adoption Attorney in Orlando

Finding the Right Adoption Attorney

The adoption process is a matter of creating a happy family by providing a helpless child a loving home. Finding the right adoption attorney is important because he/she understands the adoption laws and procedures that safeguard the child, the biological parents and the adoptive parents. the right adoption attorney will help you examine all of your options, file the correct documents and keep an eye on your adoption expenses.

According to the Florida Bar website, adoption is “the legal procedure by which a child becomes, through court action, part of a family other than that of his or her birth parents.” it will be an emotional roller coaster for all involved, mostly because the child would have his/her connections to the biological family severed in order to move in with the adoptive family.

Below are some tips to keep in mind when finding the right adoption attorney:

Evaluate your goals

When finding the right adoption attorney, you should evaluate your adoption goals. First, ask yourself at least these questions:

  • Will you try to adopt a child from another state or another country?
  • Will you adopt through an agency or do a private adoption?
  • Would you let the child stay in touch with his/her biological family after the adoption process is complete (known as open adoption)?

Next, do your research. Go through websites and articles about adoption law firms and attorneys. Ask people for recommendations. Above all, speak with attorneys about their backgrounds and adoption case experiences. Determine whether you can have a good, comfortable relationship with that lawyer. After all, he/she is supposed to help you start a new life with an adoptive child.

Find an attorney that meets your goals

Because adoption laws are different in each state, an adoption attorney must be familiar with them and how they will work in the proceedings. an attorney who well understands adoption laws can discuss your rights involving them in your state and conduct the proceedings properly. if you are adopting from another country, that lawyer must have knowledge about immigration laws as well.

Finding the right adoption attorney will depend on your goals. if you are going through an adoption agency, then it’s better to hire a more generalized attorney who only has to file some documents. if you’re privately adopting, then employ a lawyer specializing in adoption law because he/she will guide you through the entire proceeding.

Anderson & Ferrin, a Family Law firm based in Orlando, FL, provides honest, dedicated and driven representation for families seeking to adopt. Our award-winning attorneys work closely with our clients and provide sound legal advice to help them reach their goals. Our attorneys were awarded the Legal Aid Society’s Bronze Pro Bono Award for their commitment to the community. the law firm was also honored with the 100% Club Award from the Legal Aid Society for their role in helping the community and providing pro bono assistance to the needy.

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