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How can I modify my child support?

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Are you wondering if you can modify your child support or your custody? My name is Michael Ferrin with the Law Office of Anderson and Ferrin. You can give us a call at our office if you need any help with regards to these types of situations. When it comes to modifying you need to understand that modifications generally are difficult to do, because when a court enters a final judgment, a final judgment is designed to just be that, final. So the courts have actually implemented case law that clearly states that in order to modify you need to show there’s been a substantial, unanticipated change in circumstances that is in the child’s best interest in order to modify. They’ve also added that this is an extraordinary burden, so I don’t think the courts can make it any clearer that this is difficult to do. It’s not impossible, it’s just difficult. When it comes to modifying, the more frequent things that we see with regards to modifying, is people asking to modify child support. Obviously it’s very common for people to have their incomes change, whether they go up or down, and that’s more common to see that for a modification. When it comes to timesharing, it’s much more difficult to modify. You have to understand that you have to meet those burdens or else you could be subject to sanctions if you file a petition for modification, and you haven’t met that burden. So it’s very important that you contact an attorney that’s knowledgeable of the law and understands what it is that you need in order to modify before you take any court action. A lot of people that come to us with regards to wanting to modify timesharing a very frequent issue is they come to us and say, “Well my child’s gotten older. “They’re now going to school, “and the schedule that we had before “isn’t appropriate anymore.” Well unfortunately, that is not a basis for modifying child support or modifying the visitation schedule. So again, it’s very, very important that you specifically talk to an attorney that knows what they’re doing, knows how to modify these orders, and so that you’re not wasting your time or your money when you’re trying to bring forth one of these cases. So again, if this is an issue that you see coming up in your life, call me, Michael Ferrin, at Law Office of Anderson and Ferrin. And you can reach me at 407-412-7041.

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