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How do I enforce a custody or child support order?

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Hi, I’m Victoria Anderson with the offices of Anderson & Ferrin. Do you have an order that you need to enforce with regards to timesharing or child support? We can help you. If you have an order that addresses timesharing or child support, or both, and somebody is violating that order, you need to file a motion for contempt and enforcement. With regards to timesharing, if you have somebody who’s denying you your timesharing, or you have a parent who’s not participating in the timesharing like they’re supposed to, the appropriate method would be to file a motion for enforcement. If you have somebody who is not paying their child support, the same thing needs to happen. We would need to file a motion on your behalf and have a hearing on this matter to try and enforce those items. Another common topic is if somebody wants to know, well, how do I pay the attorney’s fees to have this heard? You would have to pay the fees upfront, but we can always ask that your attorney’s fees be paid by the other party in that same motion for contempt. And, often, if the court finds that a person willfully violated that order, they will order them to contribute to your attorney’s fees. When we talk about willful, we’re looking at can we prove that they had the means to abide by the order and they voluntarily chose to not do so? So in addition to child support or timesharing, if somebody was ordered to contribute to the extra curricular activities, or contribute to the uncovered medical expenses, we can help with that as well. So regardless of whether your order addresses timesharing, child support, extra curricular, or uncovered medical expenses, we can help enforce those. Give us a call, my name is Victoria Anderson, with the offices of Anderson and Ferrin, and my number’s 407-412-7041.

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