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My license is suspended for non payment of child support. What can I do?

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Hi, I’m Victoria Anderson with the offices of Anderson & Ferrin. Has your drivers license been suspended for unpaid child support? We can help you with that. If you received a notice of intent to have your drivers license suspended for unpaid child support, you can give us a call. There’s things that we can do, if we file the appropriate motion within the time allowed, we can contest that suspension. If it’s already been suspended, there’s still things that we can do to help you. A lot of times, in these situations, we find that there’s an underlining issue that’s making you not be able to pay your child support. Whether you lost your job or you wages have been reduced. Sometimes it requires you to file a modification of child support, and that’s something that we can talk to you about and go over what your options are, so, you don’t continue to receive a notice to have your license suspended, month after month. We encourage you to contact an attorney to help you in this situation. Call our office. Again, I’m Victoria Anderson with the offices of Anderson and Ferrin, and our number is 407-412-7041. Thank you.

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