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Slip and Fall Accidents – Personal Injury Lawyers Orlando, Florida

Slip and fall accidents can occur at any moment. Take a few examples:

  • A woman falls down a flight of icy stairs at her workplace
  • A man slips on a wet floor without the require “Wet Floor” sign.
  • A spill of oil on the floor of an automotive shop.

Because it is generally perceived that slip and falls are at least partly the fault of the victim, slip and fall injuries are usually worth less than injuries from other types of cases. However, that does not mean that a slip and fall accident is not worth pursuing. Premises liability can cause serious and debilitating injuries that require extensive medical attention, as well as pain and suffering. Certain factors are also taken into account when involved in a slip and fall case. for example:

  • Was there a legitimate reason for being on the property owner’s premises when the accident happened?

  • Did the property owner erect a barrier or give warning of the dangerous condition that led to your slip and fall accident?

  • Were you engaged in any activities that contributed to your slip and fall accident?

  • Would a reasonably cautious person in the same situation have noticed and avoided the dangerous condition?

The Personal Injury attorneys of the Law Firm of Anderson and Ferrin are able to guide you through the process of understanding your rights as a victim of a slip and fall accident. if you have been involved in a slip and fall, call the experienced lawyers of Anderson and Ferrin today.

Slip and Fall Accidents | Personal Injury Attorneys in Orlando, Florida

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