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Why You Should Consider Joint Custody When Getting A Divorce


Divorce is always a scary thing to go through, and that fear makes people do things they otherwise would not. One of these is fighting for sole custody just to hurt the other party. Unfortunately, this hurts the children involved, too.

Divorce is always hardest on the kids, and sometimes, fighting for sole custody only makes it harder. Just as no parent wants to lose time with their child, children also worry about the thought of not seeing one parent as often. If you are going through a divorce and know a custody battle will be part of it, below are some reasons you may want to consider joint custody.

Benefits for the Children

Many children go through a period of depression after their parents get divorced, but joint custody can help prevent this from happening. When both parents share custody, it reassures children that the family unit is not entirely broken. They see that they can still maintain a relationship with each parent, which can make post-divorce life easier.

Joint custody also allows children to maintain close relationships with the extended family on each side of the family. When one parent has primary custody, the children will usually see that side of the family more often and sometimes, they may only see the other side during the holidays.

When parents share custody, children are also more likely to maintain good grades and positive relationships with their peers. Children that spend an equal amount of time with both parents are also less likely to use drugs or alcohol, which is often a result of the depression divorce can cause.

The courts recognize the above benefits of joint custody. As a result, in most cases they try to ensure that each parent has an equitable amount of time with their children post-divorce.

Benefits for You

It is easy to assume that primary custody will be most beneficial for you, but that is not always the case. First and foremost, it will help you to see that your divorce has not had the negative impact on your child you were worried about. However, joint custody can also help the relationship between you and your spouse after the divorce.

Even if you are not currently on good terms with your spouse, it is important that you remain civil with them once the case is final. You will have to see them regularly during pick-ups and drop-offs, and it is most beneficial for everyone if these interactions go smoothly.

Our Family Lawyers in Orlando Can Help with Your Custody Case

If you are getting a divorce that involves children, our Orlando family lawyers at Anderson & Ferrin can help with your custody case. We will advise on the facts of your case and negotiate with the other side to obtain the full settlement you deserve. Call us today at 407-412-7041 or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation so we can get started on your case.

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