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Kissimmee Modifications Lawyer

There’s only one thing for certain in life: things always change. You might have a job today, but in a few months, you could get laid off. You may be healthy now, but next year, you could get in a car accident and become paralyzed or disabled in some way.

These things can affect your income, and if you’re divorced, that means that you may have trouble paying your court orders, such as child support and alimony. These court orders may have made sense at the time of your divorce, but they are no longer viable. These are situations in which you may want to consider a modification.

A modification can change a court order even after your final divorce decree. Work with the experienced Kissimmee modification lawyers at Anderson & Ferrin Attorneys at Law, P.A. if you want to make changes after a divorce.

What Can Be Modified and Why?

Monetary issues such as child support and alimony are often changed after the divorce decree. However, other court orders can also be changed, such as child custody, parenting plans, or time-sharing.

There are two main reasons why a court will allow a modification: substantial change in a parent’s lifestyle or a threat to the child. A substantial change in a parent’s lifestyle may include :

  • Increase or decrease in income
  • Job loss or reduction in hours
  • Relocation
  • Severe injury or disability
  • Mental health issues

Threats to a child may include:

  • Poor living conditions
  • Lack of parental involvement
  • Improper educational and social development
  • Evidence of physical abuse or neglect

If you wish to modify an order, you must serve a petition on the other party. They will then have 20 days to respond. A judge will decide if the changes are substantial enough to warrant a modification. The other party also has the option to oppose or deny the modification. 

Why You Need a Modification Lawyer

While modifications are allowed in certain cases, the court does not take them lightly. You have the burden of proof in these cases, so you need strong evidence. Plus, modifications are not easy to do on your own unless you have extensive knowledge of the law. They can be complicated, which is why you need to work with a lawyer who understands the process and can help you reach your goals.

Work with a Kissimmee modification lawyer from Anderson & Ferrin Attorneys at Law, P.A. so you can ensure the changes are made properly with the court. You want to avoid fines, jail time, and other penalties.

Contact Anderson & Ferrin Attorneys at Law, P.A. Today

Life can be unpredictable. If you need to change your court order, make sure you have the right legal help on your side.

The lawyers at Anderson & Ferrin Attorneys at Law, P.A. can answer your questions and help you get a favorable outcome with your case. Schedule a consultation with our experienced Kissimmee modification lawyers by filling out the online form or calling 407-412-7041.

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