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Maitland Family Lawyer

While it is true that divorce and child custody matters can take a significant toll on the parties involved, it is possible to ease some of these burdens by working with an attorney. Contact an experienced Maitland family lawyer today to learn more about how we can help.

What is Family Law?

Although the term family law is often associated with divorce, this label is actually used to encompass a much wider range of family-related legal issues, including not only divorce, but also:

How these types of cases are pursued will vary depending on a family’s circumstances, which is why it is so important for those who are considering divorce, are trying to establish paternity, or are grappling with a similar issue, to work with an experienced Maitland family lawyer.

Divorce-Related Matters

When a couple decides to end a marriage, they are required to contend with a number of related legal issues, including property division and alimony. Florida is an equitable distribution state, which means that if a couple is unable to reach an agreement on how they will divide their marital assets, then a court will step in and make those decisions on the parties’ behalf. Under this standard, all of a couple’s marital property will be divided equitably, or in a manner deemed to be fair. Similarly, couples will also need to decide whether one of the parties will owe the other alimony after the end of the marriage and if so, the amount, form, and duration of those payments. Finally, couples who share children will only be able to finalize their divorce when they come up with a parenting plan and custody arrangement that serves their children’s best interests.

Child Custody and Time Sharing

Decisions regarding child custody are among the most important that parents will need to make when ending their relationship. In Florida, courts prefer time sharing arrangements in which both parents play an active role in their child’s upbringing. To this end, parents will need to create a parenting plan with a detailed time sharing schedule, information regarding pickups and drop-offs, designations for who can make healthcare-related decisions, and similar issues. When two parents are unable to reach an agreement, a court will come up with a parenting plan based on the best interests of the child.


A family’s circumstances rarely remain the same indefinitely. For this reason, Florida courts allow families to modify existing family law agreements when they have undergone a significant life change. Some families, for instance, will need to change their custody arrangements as their children age and have different needs, while those who have lost their jobs may be unable to continue paying alimony. Individuals who attempt to make these kinds of modifications will, however, need to comply with strict rules when filing their petition.

Contact Anderson & Ferrin Today

If you are considering divorce, have questions about a child custody matter, or need help with another family law-related legal issue, don’t hesitate to contact the experienced Maitland family lawyers at Anderson & Ferrin today.

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