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Orlando Dating Violence Injunction Lawyer

 Domestic violence remains a serious problem in the United States. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) estimates that there are approximately ten million cases of intimate partner violence or family member abuse reported every year.

In Florida, there are legal tools available that can help domestic victims protect their health, safety, and well-being. A dating violence injunction is a specific type of order of protection that is designed for domestic violence victims who are not married to and do not live with their abuser. At Anderson & Ferrin, our Orlando dating violence injunction lawyers are committed to providing clients with compassionate and effective legal representation. We have the skills and experience to obtain a dating violence injunction and we will do everything we can to protect your safety and your legal rights. To get a free, fully confidential review of your case, please contact our Orlando law office today.

What You Need to Know About Dating Violence Injunctions in Florida

In order to get a standard domestic violence injunction in Florida, the petitioner must be a spouse, family member, or household member of the alleged offender. In other words, you cannot obtain a domestic violence order of protection against a current or former romantic partner unless you are living together, are married, or you have a child together.

Obviously, this leaves a large gap in the available protections. Dating violence protection orders help to fill this gap. In effect, a dating violence injunction is very similar to a domestic violence injunction. Under Florida law (Florida Statutes § 784.046(d)), you can obtain a dating violence injunction if you can prove that:

  • You are involved in a ‘dating relationship’ with the defendant; and
  • You have been the victim of dating violence or you have a reasonable belief that violence is imminent.

What is a ‘Dating Relationship’ 

Our state has a relatively broad interpretation of the term ‘dating relationship’. In Florida, a dating relationship is defined as a recent and somewhat sustained romantic relationship. Under state statutes, a petitioner seeking a dating violence injunction must be able to prove the following three things about the status of their relationship:

  1. The relationship still exists or it existed within the last six months;
  2. There are/were expectations of romance and/or sexual involvement as part of this relationship; and
  3. The frequency and type of interactions suggest a sustained relationship.

To be clear, dating violence injunctions can not be obtained against casual acquaintances. If you are considering seeking a dating violence injunction or you have any general questions or concerns, please contact our Orlando domestic violence lawyers for immediate assistance.

Consult With Our Orlando Dating Violence Injunction Lawyers Right Away

At Anderson & Ferrin, our compassionate family lawyers have extensive experience handling all aspects of dating violence injunction cases. We are here to protect your rights. To schedule a free, private review of your case, please contact our legal team today. With an office in Orlando, we serve clients throughout the Central Florida, including Lake Buena Vista, Kissimmee, and St. Cloud.

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