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Orlando Domestic Violence Injunction Lawyer

Unfortunately, domestic violence remains a serious problem in our state. The Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence (FCPPV)reports that more than 100,000 domestic violence cases are reported to law enforcement authorities every year. Victims of domestic abuse have legal tools available to protect their safety and well-being.

At Anderson & Ferrin, our Orlando domestic violence injunction lawyers are compassionate and strong advocates for our clients. We have deep experience handling a wide range of domestic violence cases, including issues pertaining to domestic violence injunctions. Our legal team will protect your rights. For a free, fully private legal guidance, please call our Orlando law office right away.

Florida Statute: Domestic Violence Injunctions

Under Florida law (Florida Statutes § 741.30), a petitioner can seek a domestic violence injunction against a family member or household member when they have a reasonable belief that they are in imminent danger of becoming a victim of abuse. To be clear, you can only seek a domestic violence order of protection against a family member or household member. In Florida, these parties may include:

  • Current or former spouses;
  • Your child’s other parent;
  • Immediate family members; or
  • Your current roommate.

In certain other circumstances, other orders of protection may be available. For instance, if you are dating someone but do not live with them and do not have children with them, you may be eligible to obtain a dating violence injunction instead of a domestic violence injunction. The procedure and effects are similar.

What Behavior Qualifies for Domestic Violence Protection? 

Florida law requires the petitioner to have a reasonable belief that they are in imminent danger of harm. In practice, a wide range of different behaviors could potentially produce a reasonable fear of harm in a close family member or household member. Specifically, you may be able to obtain a domestic violence injunction against another person if:

  • They physically harmed you or your child;
  • They made actionable threats against you or your child;
  • They have a prior history of domestic violence;
  • They injured or killed your pet;
  • They intentionally damaged your personal property; and
  • They engaged in any other behavior that was threatening or alarming. 

Protections Available through a Domestic Violence Injunction

If granted, the terms of the injunction will vary based on the specific nature of the allegations. As a starting point, these injunctions usually contain a limited contact order. In addition, they often require the accused to remove themselves from a shared dwelling. They may even include certain temporary child custody or child support provisions. No matter the nature of your case, our Orlando, FL domestic violence injunction lawyers are here to help you find the best solution and to protect your safety and your legal rights.

Contact Our Orlando Domestic Violence Injunction Attorneys Today

At Anderson & Ferrin, our Florida family lawyers have deep experience handling domestic violence cases, including issues related to domestic violence injunctions. We offer each and every client compassionate, sensitive, and effective legal representation. For a no cost, strictly confidential consultation, please contact us right away. From our law office in Orlando, we serve communities throughout the region, including in Orange County, Lake County, and Seminole County.

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