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Orlando Stalking Injunction Lawyer

Being stalked is extraordinarily frightening. Unfortunately, it happens far more frequently than many people realize. As noted by Safe Horizon, more than seven million Americans are stalked every year. Not only is stalking a serious invasion of privacy, it is a safety threat. Under Florida law, stalking victims have important legal rights — there are tools available to protect victims.

At Anderson & Ferrin, our Orlando stalking injunction lawyers are committed to providing effective, sophisticated legal representation to our clients. We have deep experience handling stalking injunction cases and related issues. Our family lawyers are here to protect your safety and your legal rights. To get a free, strictly private consultation, please call us at our Orlando, FL law office right away.

Florida Law: Stalking Injunctions

Under Florida law (Florida Statutes § 784.0485), stalking is defined as “willful, malicious, and repeated following or harassing”. If you were the victim of stalking or harassment in Central Florida, you have the right to seek a civil stalking injunction. When put into place, the injunction requires the other party to follow certain rules, including staying away from the victim and avoid making contact. An intentional violation of a stalking injunction could become a criminal issue.

It should be noted that a petitioner can seek a stalking injunction against any another party, regardless of their relationship. Unlike a dating violence injunction or a domestic violence injunction, there is no need to prove any type of current or prior familial connection or intimate relationship. Though, a petitioner must be prepared to present a strong claim that demonstrates that some form of ‘stalking’ or unlawful ‘harassment’ has occurred. Florida law requires at least some pattern of stalking behavior. A single incidence of stalking will generally be deemed to be inadequate to obtain an order of protection against stalking.

Cyberstalking is Covered By the Statute

As our lives have become ever more intertwined with social media and the internet in general, cyberstalking has received increased attention. Our state recognizes the severe impact that cyberstalking can have on a victim. Cyberstalking is covered by Florida’s general stalking injunction law.

If you were the victim of any type of cyberstalking, even if, at this point, there has been no known physical stalking, you may still be able to obtain a stalking injunction in Florida. Of course, cyberstalking cases are especially complicated — perpetrators may even attempt to disguise their identity when engaged in abusive or harassing online behavior. Our Orlando, FL stalking injunction lawyers know how to handle cyberstalking cases.

Speak to an Orlando Stalking Injunction Attorney Right Away

At Anderson & Ferrin, our compassionate Florida domestic violence lawyers have the skills and legal knowledge needed to handle stalking injunction cases. With over two decades of combined experience, our family lawyers are strong advocates for our clients. For a free, strictly confidential review of your case, please contact us today. We have a law office in Orlando and we serve clients in Orange County and throughout Central Florida.

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