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Monthly Archives: July 2024


How to Modify Alimony in Florida

By Anderson & Ferrin |

During a divorce in Florida, either party can seek alimony, also known as spousal support. Permanent alimony is no longer an option due to recent changes in the law. However, this type of support can still ensure that neither party is placed in financial hardship due to the ending of the marriage. Alimony orders… Read More »

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How to Enforce a Divorce Decree

By Anderson & Ferrin |

Ideally, by the time a family law court issues a divorce decree, the two sides will try for a smooth transition post-divorce. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. While the terms within a divorce decree are final and legally binding, this does not mean that both parties will comply with the orders. At some… Read More »

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What if Your Spouse Hides Assets During Divorce?

By Anderson & Ferrin |

Divorce is an extremely difficult ordeal and unfortunately, it can bring out the worst in some people. One of the ways this happens is when one spouse tries to hide assets. People hide assets during divorce for many reasons. Sometimes, they simply want to keep funds for themselves while in other cases, they want… Read More »

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