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Do You Need A Lawyer For Your Paternity Case?

By Anderson & Ferrin |

Contrary to what many people, having your name appear on a child’s birth certificate is not enough to legally establish you as the biological father. Establishing paternity is also not always as easy as filling out some paperwork and submitting it to the hospital. Even when you acknowledge paternity in certain circumstances, it may… Read More »

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The Four Main Benefits Of Establishing Paternity For Your Child

By Anderson & Ferrin |

In Orlando, as throughout the rest of Florida, the law presumes that when two married people have a child together, both spouses are considered the biological parents of the child. The same presumption is not in place when two people have a child together and they are not married. In these instances, it is… Read More »

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Disestablishment of Paternity in Orlando, FL

By Anderson & Ferrin |

What is disestablishment of Paternity in Orlando, FL and who does it apply to?  We have talked about this in the past.  Although it was not common in the past it is an issue we are starting to see happen more frequently.  If you find yourself in a position where you have been ordered to… Read More »

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Establishment of Paternity – Fathers Time-Sharing

By Anderson & Ferrin |

Far too often do we hear from Fathers stating that the Mother is denying them contact with a child. in addition, they believe that because their name is on the birth certificate that established the Father’s paternity as a matter of law. However, that statement is not true. it is an acknowledgement of paternity… Read More »

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