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Can text messages, social media posts, and emails be used as evidence in court?

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Your probably wondering if text messages, emails and just electronic communication can be used in court as evidence. My name is Michael Ferrin with the law office of Anderson & Ferrin, and the answer is yes. Actually in this day in age, the majority of what we do with regards to evidence when it comes to the custody cases and divorces, many times we’re using text messages and other electronic communications to prove many points, one of which is the biggest one, which is a parent’s ability to co-parent. So when you are sending text messages, emails, posting things on social media, think in your head that this is going to end up in front of a judge one day. And if you think that way, you will make sure that you’re polite and that you’re not posting things that probably you don’t want anybody else to know about. So, if you ever think that you’re gonna be in a situation where you’re either gonna be filing a divorce or you’re gonna be in a situation having to deal with a custody issue, just keep that in mind. And if you have any questions about it, you can give us a call, my name is Michael Ferrin at the law office of Anderson & Ferrin. Our phone number’s 407-412-7041.

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