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Child Support

Child Support is a topic everyone wants to know about.  Whether the couple was married or not, child support is going to be a part of the case.  One of the most common questions we receive is how much will child support be and does it have to be paid.  We have also noticed that one myth about child support is that it is a percentage of your income.  Meaning I cannot say how many calls we have gotten where someone just asks what is the percentage for one child or two children  that will be held from their income.

How Child Support is Calculated in Florida

In the State of Florida, child support is not as cut and dry as a percentage of your income.  There is a child support guideline worksheet that must be done in every case that involves a child. There are several factors that play a part of what child support will be such as both parties income, the cost of any day care and health insurance for the child and who pays it, and the number of overnights the child spends with each parent.

In our experience the next hurdle is determining what someones income is.  When someone is a regular employee with a company and receives a W2 and has no other sources of income it is easy to determine their income; however, when someone is self employed or is an independent contractor it can be a little more difficult. the State of Florida has incorporated into the statute what is considered income and what are allowable deductions from said income for when it comes to calculating child support. Florida Statute 61.30 is the statute that deals with child support and lays out what is income as mentioned above.

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