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Common Questions about Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial and Post Nuptial Agreements

If you are entering into a marriage or civil union, you may wish to consider getting a Prenuptial Agreement (also known as “Antenuptial Agreement”). Although these kinds of agreements can be frowned upon on a societal standpoint because they may be thought to encourage divorce, they are extremely useful in determining how marital assets are to be divided in the case of a divorce. a divorce may occur for any number of unexpected reasons. a permanent marriage is never guaranteed, and therefore, a prenuptial agreement is always encouraged before entering in any union. Here are a few common Questions about Prenuptial Agreements:

Is a Prenuptial Agreement for me?

It is always said that one can never be too careful, and this definitely applies to marriages. Like a business partnership, agreements should be made to protect both parties in the event of hardship or a rift.

Can I enter into a prenuptial agreement once I am already married? 

Yes, you can. This is called a “Post-Nuptial” agreement.

Can I change the terms of a prenuptial agreement once it’s already made?

Yes. You may have heard the term, “re-up the Prenup,” which refers to this practice.

If my fiance has a lawyer for our prenuptial agreement, do I need one, too?

Yes. it is important that you also have a lawyer on your side to get a better understanding the conditions of your prenuptial agreement.

Are Prenuptial Agreements expensive?

The expense of the antenuptial agreement depends on the amount of time the lawyer is involved in the process, therefore, it varies.

What is a “Sunset Clause”?

A “sunset” clause, or sunset provision, is a clause that nullifies the prenuptial agreement after a certain period of time. for example, a sunset clause may state that the conditions of a prenuptial agreement will be due to expire after a period of 10 years. This is not a requirement.

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