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Considering A Prenup? Here Are Four Reasons To Draft One Now


If you are getting married in the near future, you and your fiancé may be considering drafting a prenup. Perhaps your betrothed has already asked you to sign one and you are unsure. You may feel as though signing a prenup means you are already preparing for divorce before you are even married. It is important to know that signing a prenup does not automatically mean you will get a divorce.

Instead, these legal contracts offer financial protection in the years to come in the event that your marriage comes to an end. They can also ensure that you have important conversations about money before you are married. These are just a few of the benefits you may realize after signing a prenup. Below, our Orlando family lawyer explains more.

Shield You from Debt Your Partner is Carrying

It is not only assets that are divided during divorce. Debts and other liabilities are also subject to division. If your fiancé currently has a lot of debt, it will likely be considered separate property because the debt was incurred prior to the marriage. However, if your name is added as an authorized user or you use the debt, it could be considered marital property and therefore, you could be found partly liable for repaying some of the debt. A prenup will allow you to define the debt as separate property, so you are not liable for it.

Ensures You Have Certain Conversations

There are certain conversations people should have before they get married. They should talk about where they want to live, if they want to have children, and they should also discuss financial matters. A prenup will essentially force you to have those conversations because these documents deal mainly with financial matters. After discussing your financial situation with your soon-to-be spouse, you will know you will not face any potential surprises in the future.

Protection from Legal Changes

Family law is always changing. Even if you agree with the law now as it stands, the statutes and case law may change after you are married. You might not be as agreeable with those changes. The courts will enforce a valid prenup before they apply state law to a case, so you can include terms that provide the full protection you need without worrying that the law may change.

Prepare for Divorce

You are not preparing for your wedding thinking about divorce. Unfortunately, the divorce rate in the country is very high and marriages do end.  Divorce always has the potential to be long, expensive, and contentious. A prenup can help minimize these less desirable outcomes and make the divorce process much easier if there comes a time when you do want to dissolve your marriage.

Our Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer in Orlando Can Draft Your Agreement

You do not want to imagine your marriage ending before it has even begun. Unfortunately, it does happen. A prenuptial agreement can protect your interests in the event that it does, and our Orlando prenuptial agreement lawyer can help draft yours. At Anderson & Ferrin, our Orlando prenuptial agreement lawyer knows how to ensure these agreements are legal and enforceable, so you are fully protected. Call us now at 407-412-7041 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.




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