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Finding the Right Bankruptcy Attorney

You’re up to your nose in debt, maybe your home is on the verge of foreclosure, and you have explored all other alternatives. You do not have to tackle your financial issues alone. Contact the right Orlando bankruptcy firm that has attorneys that know what you are going through and can apply their many years of experience to help you. Bankruptcy is not the end of the road, but a fresh start. Put your debt behind you and start working towards a better future by calling our offices and scheduling a free consultation.

Finding the right bankruptcy attorney means the difference between getting a fresh financial start or drowning in even more debt. a competent bankruptcy attorney’s qualifications must show that he/she is able to manage your case. He/she must have the experience to advise you on what chapter to file under and know the ins and outs of bankruptcy so that you and your family, or business are protected, and your debts are permanently put behind you.

The following is a checklist when finding the right bankruptcy attorney.

Does the attorney specialize in bankruptcy law?

It seems like common sense to hire a bankruptcy attorney that specializes in this area, but this is a crucial first step. Bankruptcy is a complicated area of the law. You have to look at an attorney’s record of bankruptcy cases he/she filed, not years of legal experience. the bankruptcy case record proves a lawyer’s familiarity with federal bankruptcy laws and court proceedings. a specialized bankruptcy lawyer can also anticipate possible drawbacks in your case and gets you properly prepared for them.

Is the attorney well versed in local district court rules?

When finding the right bankruptcy attorney, make sure he/she is knowledgeable in all bankruptcy laws, including local district court rules and trustee requirements. Trustees are the officials who administer bankruptcy cases.

Are the legal fees worth the representation?

Pricing is important, but you should weigh the costs against other factors like the lawyer’s experience and your financial problems. a more expensive lawyer is a strong indication he or she is better experienced and therefore can better represent you. Most bankruptcy lawyers would charge a flat fee, which should at least include consulting with the client, preparing and reviewing the bankruptcy petition, the right bankruptcy attorney should also offer an initial free legal consultation.

Does the attorney put your case together with you in mind?

Experience and cost are a couple of mandatory requirements when finding the right bankruptcy attorney. However, a good relationship with one is just as important. You should feel confident in your attorney and open to discuss your financial problems with him/her.

Anderson & Ferrin has filed numerous bankruptcy cases in Orlando and Central Florida. We are the right bankruptcy attorneys for you because we carefully listen to our clients’ financial problems, and put together solid plans to take care of those issues. Our bankruptcy attorneys are affiliated with prominent legal organizations such as the U.S. Bankruptcy Court Middle District of Florida, the Florida Bar, the American Bar Association, the Central Florida Bankruptcy Lawyers Association, and the Orange County Bar Association. We are also in good standing with the Florida Bar and have been awarded numerous awards and accolades for our professionalism, accomplishments, and commitment to helping the community

For your Free Consultation and to see if we have the Right Bankruptcy Attorney for you, Call Anderson & Ferrin Now at 407-412-7041!

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