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Have you been served with an Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence or do you want to file one?

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Hi I’m Victoria Anderson with the offices of Anderson & Ferrin, and we handle a lot of injunctions, and we get a lot of calls for this. Whether you’re the one who’s filed for the injunction, or been served for the injunction, we encourage you to contact an attorney. These cases are very serious, and a common misunderstanding is how people take them. These are fast-tracked cases. You’re gonna have your trial, or your final hearing usually within 15 days. So it’s very important that you contact somebody immediately. If you go in there unrepresented, you need to be prepared to be held to the same standard as an attorney. So you need to have witnesses, you’re gonna have to take testimony, do cross examinations, present evidence, and know the evidence code. So again, it’s extremely important that you work quickly on these cases. Often with these types of cases, we see them intertwined with another type of case, whether it’s a divorce or custody proceeding. So it’s important that you have an attorney that has the knowledge and understanding of both cases, and know how they go together. Whether you filed or have been served with a domestic violence, a repeat violence, a sexual violence, a dating violence, or stalking injunction, we’re here to help. Call us at 407-412-7041. Again, I’m Victoria Anderson with the offices of Anderson & Ferrin, and we’re always here to help you.

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