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How To Keep The Peace When Getting A Divorce


A divorce will permanently change your life and the prospect of that will undoubtedly bring up many different emotions. Resentment and anger are very common in divorce cases and while you may feel these emotions, allowing them to control the situation will only make the process much more difficult. If you are about to go through a divorce, below are some tips for keeping the peace, which will make the entire process easier on everyone involved.

Remain Respectful

First and foremost, it is essential that you remain respectful to your spouse throughout the process. This may seem impossible if your divorce was the result of serious wrongdoing, such as addiction or abuse. Still, you must remember that misery is a two-way street. If you go to great lengths to make your spouse miserable, you can expect to go through the same emotional pain, financial burden, and stress you are trying to inflict. Always remain respectful and civil to your spouse, reducing the stress for everyone.

Agree on One Goal

You may not be able to agree on everything when it comes to your divorce, but it is important to find just one goal you and your spouse can agree on. For example, you may decide that you will both put the children first, or you may agree to divide marital property equally. If you can both find something to come to an agreement on, it can help direct the other issues you will face and make the process much easier for both of you.

Consider Mediation

You may be envisioning a lengthy and bitter courtroom battle but truthfully, this happens more on television and in movies than it does in real life. The majority of divorce cases settle outside of court and there are many ways to achieve this. You and your spouse can reach an agreement on your own, or you can try an alternative dispute resolution method, such as mediation. During mediation, you and your spouse will meet with a third party mediator, who is neutral. The job of the mediator is to foster compromise and communication between you and your spouse so you can reach an agreement peacefully.

Consider Therapy

There is undoubtedly going to be some aspect of your divorce that brings up unpleasant emotions. After all, a major part of your life is over and you will have to figure out how to move forward from it. If you find your emotions are very difficult to control, think about speaking to a therapist. Therapy is a very appropriate place to talk about those emotions that you may have to put aside during other parts of the process.

Work with a Divorce Lawyer in Orlando

Working with an Orlando divorce lawyer is a great help when trying to get through a divorce peacefully. At Anderson & Ferrin, P.A., our skilled attorney will communicate with your spouse and their lawyer on your behalf, and negotiate a settlement that is fair as quickly as possible. Call us today at 407-412-7041 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.



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