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How To Minimize Legal Costs During Your Divorce


It is no secret that divorce is expensive. Some of the costs associated with the process are inevitable and there is simply nothing one can do about them. However, there is an area in which you do have some control over the expenses incurred, and that is the legal cost of divorce. Any divorce lawyer will charge certain fees to represent you and even with this cost, you will still always obtain a more favorable outcome with legal representation than without. Still, there are several ways you can minimize the legal costs of your divorce so you do not pay more for your divorce than you have to.

Keep Calls and Emails to a Minimum

One of the jobs of your lawyer is to answer any question you may have. However, the more often you call and email, the more often your lawyer has to respond. Your lawyer will charge you for each of those responses. You should absolutely feel free to ask your questions but instead of emailing or calling every time you think of one, create a list of them instead. Then, when you do speak to your attorney, you can ask them all at once and incur fewer fees.

Send Information and Documents Quickly

Your lawyer will need a lot of information from you during the process and they may ask you to send over documents from time to time. When they do, make sure to provide these items as quickly as possible. Again, the more time your lawyer has to spend chasing you and tracking you down, the more they will charge you. Another benefit that comes with providing information quickly is that your lawyer can move your case forward quicker, meaning your divorce may not take as long as it would if you would have waited to provide the necessary information.

Only Provide Copies of Important Documents

Unless your lawyer specifically asks for original documents, only provide copies to your lawyer when they ask for information. Sometimes you will need the original copies, such as if the IRS asks you for past tax information. Even if it has been years since your divorce case was finalized, if your lawyer has these documents, you will have to ask them to send them to you. That will incur an additional charge, even though you have not worked with the attorney for a long time. Sending only copies will allow you to avoid this problem.

Trust Your Attorney

There are many reasons it is important to trust your lawyer. One of them is that you will have to share some of the most personal details of your life with them. There may also be a time when your divorce does not go the way you expected. For example, you may not get the alimony your friend said you were entitled to. You need to trust your lawyer enough to trust their advice, and that the result obtained was the best possible outcome in your case.

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