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Orlando Divorce Lawyer
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Need A Divorce Lawyer In Orlando? Here Are Four Things To Look For


If you and your spouse have already decided to get a divorce, or if you have just started thinking about the process, it is important to work with an Orlando divorce lawyer. Although you are not required to work with a lawyer in Florida, an attorney will know how to protect your rights and help you secure the fairest settlement possible. Choosing the right attorney can also help you reduce the cost, time, and stress of the divorce process. When choosing a lawyer that is best for your case, consider the four factors below.


You would not go see a dentist if you had a heart problem, and you should not see a criminal defense lawyer if you are getting a divorce. Florida has many divorce laws, and you need to work with a lawyer that deals with those laws every day, and only a family lawyer will do that. When meeting with family lawyers, you should also discuss certain aspects of your case and ask if the lawyer has experience with them. For example, if you have a complex child custody issue, you should ask every lawyer you meet with if they have dealt with your type of dispute before.

The Fee Structure

Not every family lawyer will have the same fee structure. Some attorneys will use a percentage of the settlement as their fee, while others will charge an hourly rate. Some lawyers will require a retainer, which is a certain amount of money you pay upfront, while others will not. The fee structure a lawyer uses does not necessarily indicate whether they are a good or bad lawyer, but it is something you need to know.


There are many ways you can go about checking a divorce lawyer’s reputation. You may want to start off by asking your friends and family members, particularly if they have been through a divorce. You can also check out online reviews of any lawyer you are considering. Either way, both of these methods are considered word-of-mouth, which is the best way to get an idea of the lawyer you will be working with, and what you may or may not like about them.


You will have to talk to your family lawyer a lot about very personal details of your life, including your marriage and why it is ending. You need to be comfortable while disclosing these details so the divorce process is no more difficult than it has to be for you.

Our Family Lawyers in Orlando Can Provide the Sound Legal Advice You Need

Choosing the right Orlando family lawyer is never easy, but at Anderson & Ferrin, our skilled attorneys have the necessary experience to handle every aspect of your case and give you the best chance of securing a fair settlement. Call us today at 407-412-7041 or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation so we can get started on your case.

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