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Planning for Co-Parenting During the Holidays


Whether you are in the middle of a divorce case or you are considering your options when it comes to asking the court for a modification of the existing time-sharing arrangement, it is important to understand how Florida child custody cases consider co-parenting during the holidays and the steps you can take to make this time of year easier for your children and for yourself. An article in Forbes discusses some tips for parents who will be co-parenting during the holiday season, and we want to discuss those tips with you. If you have immediate questions about your child custody case or need assistance modifying your child custody order, one of our experienced Orlando divorce lawyers can assist you.

Set a Schedule That Works for Your Family’s Needs 

Developing a time-sharing schedule during the holidays can be complicated and difficult, and it is important to remember that every family is different. In some families, setting up a schedule in which the parents spent all of the winter break with the kids on alternating years might make the most sense for their family, while other families might decide that one parent will spend time with the kids during Thanksgiving while the other parent will spend time with the children on Christmas, for example. In other situations, parents might decide to split time equally during their children’s winter break and on particular holidays, with kids spending part of Thanksgiving Day, for instance, with one parent and the second half of the day with the other parent.

In short, it is important to develop a time-sharing schedule in your parenting plan that focuses on the best interests of your child and the particularities of your family.

Work Together to Plan Gifts for the Child 

Communicating on a regular basis with your ex during or after a divorce can be complicated, and for many couples it is nearly impossible. Yet it is often best for your children if you are able to maintain strong communication with your ex when it comes to issues involving your kids. In terms of gift buying for the holiday season, it is often best to coordinate with your child’s other parent and to work collaboratively on gift giving. This way, you can ensure that you and your ex are not competing for your child’s attention by purchasing a gift your child wants, and you can make sure that your child is not put in the uncomfortable position of receiving the same gift from both parents.

Be Sure to Craft Your Holiday Time-Sharing Schedule in Your Parenting Plan 

In Florida, parenting plans should have detailed information about time-sharing schedules, including specific plans for time-sharing during the holiday season. Although it may be necessary to make changes to that plan over time, you should have a set schedule so that questions about holiday time do not become contentious.

Talk to a Lawyer About Modifications 

If your child has outgrown the time-sharing arrangement in your parenting plan, or circumstances have changed such that you need to modify the time-sharing schedule over the holiday season, you should speak with an experienced Orlando child custody attorney about your options. Typically, in order to modify child custody, you will need to be able to show that there has been a substantial change in circumstances.

Contact a Child Custody Attorney in Orlando 

Do you have questions about holiday time and your parenting plan? Or do you need to modify a child custody order? An Orlando child custody & timesharing lawyer is here to help. Contact Anderson & Ferrin today.




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