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The Real Cost of Divorce

The Real Cost of Divorce

When faced with the life-changing decision of divorce, a deteriorating marriage, split assets and custody battles over children aren’t the only elements to consider. You may have wondered about the real cost of divorce.

What is the real cost of divorce? the answer to that question is not absolute, it all depends on the situation. Although About.com says the average cost of the United States is $15,000, the cost relies on many elements. They include what legal avenue to take (mediation, litigation, etc.), how long the proceeding is, what assets are involved and how badly you want to keep them.

Divorce is a matter of business: the couple is splitting property between them and arranging for custody of their children. It’s easier said than done to put your emotions on the back burner throughout the proceedings, but it has to be done for the sake of yourself, your spouse and your children if you have any.

Here are some ways to obtain a divorce, and the cost of some of them:


This is a more cost effective approach to divorcing, one where a neutral third party helps the couple attempt to reach a resolution without having to go to trial.  It is still recommended to have an attorney with you during this process to answer any legal questions you may have; however, if you are able to reach a total resolution of mediation it will save you the cost of a trial.


Not surprisingly, some divorcing couples can’t stand each other; they can’t interact for five minutes without erupting into an argument. Litigation would then be a more ideal solution, with a courtroom and attorneys. as previously mentioned, this is more expensive than mediation because of the time and costs associated with having a trial. Attorney wages vary in different regions of the United States. Litigation is also recommended for those who are fighting to keep their share of marital assets.

The bottom line

Whether you want to litigate, mediate or reach a settlement out of court, the real cost of divorce is impacted by good judgment, plan well and openly communicate with each other. an amicable divorce will cost less than a prolonged court battle riddled with fights. the latter increases attorney fees. a court proceeding will also settle well with less expenses if the couple draws out a specified parenting plan that includes child support obligations.

Anderson & Ferrin practices in the areas of domestic and family law, criminal and bankruptcy. When we handle a divorce case, we put children first. We listen to our clients and render legal advice that not only protect your rights, but your children’s as well. One of our attorney, Victoria Lyn Anderson, has received a certificate for completing a concentration in the areas of Children and Family Law. This has provided her the opportunity to intricately explore these areas and increase her understanding of them, which she uses to assist her clients through their difficult times.

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