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Have you been served with a divorce, custody or another type of family law case?

Have you been served with a divorce, custody or another type of family law case?  Not sure what to do now.  Here are some pointers on what you should do in this situation.

First things first  – Take a deep breath.  You will be okay.

Second – Review the paperwork in its entirety and make sure you note any deadlines.  Most of the time, you have 20 days from the date you were served to file a response and 45 days to complete discovery.  Do not wait to complete step 3 so that you have as much time as possible to get your response drafted and filed.

Third – Contact an Orlando Family Law Attorney.  an experienced family law attorney will know exactly what to do and how to handle your case.  Having an attorney will help eliminate some of the stress for you.  Unfortunately, it will not take away all the stress because most still worry as these types of cases can be very emotional but it certainly helps.

Orlando Family Law Attorney, Michael Ferrin and Victoria Anderson have helped many people in situations like these and they can help you too.  Contact our Orlando Family Law attorneys today at 407-412-7041.

Here is some more information on custody casesdivorce cases, and child support cases.  You can find more information on other areas of family law on our website

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