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Study Shows Divorcing Parents More Likely To Settle Out Of Court When Working With A Lawyer


A recent study has shown that divorcing parents are more likely to settle child custody cases outside of the courtroom when each side is represented by an attorney. Additionally, when each party works with a lawyer when going through a process, parents are also more likely to share joint custody, referred to as “shared parental responsibility” under Florida law.

The Results of the Study

The study was conducted by Custody X Change. More than 1,000 Americans that had already finalized their divorce case were surveyed for the study, and the research occurred over a period of two years. The organization surveyed parents that had divorced recently and compared cases that involved two parties that had legal representation, cases in which only one side was represented by a lawyer, and cases that did not involve a lawyer at all.

The study showed that an overwhelming majority of cases, over 86 percent in fact, settled their child custody cases out of court. On the other hand, only 63 percent of cases settled out of court when just one party was represented by a lawyer. Also, in cases that involved both parties being represented by a lawyer, 82 percent of cases resulted in joint custody. When only one parent had legal counsel, only 70 percent of cases resulted in joint custody.

The study did also show that when each party was represented by a lawyer, it did increase the cost of the divorce process. When both parties are represented by a lawyer that helps them through child custody disputes, the cost of reaching a resolution was $18,000. When only one party was represented by a lawyer, the cost of the divorce case falls to approximately $8,000.

When Working with a Lawyer, Parents are Happier with the Outcome

The study also showed that when both parents were represented by a lawyer, 74 percent of the participants were moderately or extremely satisfied with the outcome of their case. Contrary to that, when respondents were not working with a lawyer during their case, only 59 percent of them were happy with the results of their divorce case.

Individuals that worked with a lawyer also finalized their divorce case sooner than those that did not use an attorney. When both parents work with a lawyer, the average divorce case in the study lasted only seven months. By contrast, when only one party had legal representation, the average case took one year to finalize.

Our Family Lawyers in Orlando Can Provide the Sound Legal Advice You Need

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