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What Are The Benefits Of A Collaborative Divorce?


Many people dream of meeting their true love and getting married, but few anticipate the possibility of divorce. Truthfully, divorce does not have to be a bitter legal battle. A collaborative divorce is just one way in which couples can end their marriage, while maintaining feelings of respect for each other during and after the process. If you are considering getting a divorce, it is important to consider all options, so you can make the choice that is right for you.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is an option couples have been exploring for the past 30 years in Florida. Collaborative law is just that. It is a method to settle legal disputes collaboratively, with a team of many different people. The team typically involves both spouses and their attorneys, as well as a number of experts. The experts used during collaborative divorce can provide advice on the specific issues the couple is facing.

Financial professionals are almost always a part of the collaborative divorce process. These experts can advise on the value of property owned by each party and collectively, as well as their income and their ability to support themselves on it. Mental health professionals are also used to reduce any feelings of animosity between the two parties that could derail the entire process. If children are involved, a child development specialist may also make recommendations on what is best for the child.

Benefits of the Collaborative Law Process

The collaborative law process has many benefits for divorcing couples. The most common of these include:

  • It is in the best interests of the children: Divorce is extremely hard on the children involved. A collaborative divorce can shield them from a messy and contentious process, and both parties can focus on their well-being.
  • It is a customized solution: During litigation, a judge will apply the law to the facts of your case, sometimes with little consideration for your own personal circumstances. Collaborative law provides customized solutions that are tailored to you and your situation.
  • It is private: You do not have to be a public figure or have a high net worth to want to keep the details of your divorce private. A collaborative divorce can keep the details of your settlement confidential, unlike a litigated divorce, which then becomes public record.
  • It is more affordable: The costs of a litigated divorce will quickly climb. Collaborative divorce often provides a more affordable alternative.
  • It is more convenient: When going through a litigated divorce, you are subject to the schedule of the court and if you cancel a hearing, you will face high monetary penalties. The collaborative law process will work around the schedules of you and your spouse, making it a much more convenient option.

Our Divorce Lawyers in Orlando Can Help with Your Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a great option for couples ending their marriage, and it does hold many benefits. If you are getting a divorce, our Orlando divorce lawyers at Anderson & Ferrin, P.A., can advise on whether it is a good option for you, and will aggressively protect your best interests regardless of the type of divorce you choose. Call us today at 407-412-7041 or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation.

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