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What is the Average Child Support Payment in Orlando?


Every parent in Orlando, and throughout all of Florida, is expected to financially support their children until a child turns 18 years old. Child support can be extended until a child’s 19th birthday if they turn 18 and are still in high school. During a divorce, the court will typically award child support to the parent who spends the majority of the time with the children. The other parent will make payments to the Florida Department of Revenue, who will distribute it to the recipient.

If you have a child support dispute and are worried that you will be ordered to make payments, you may worry about the amount you will have to pay. While no one can provide an answer without first understanding all of the facts in your case, state law does provide some guidelines. Below, our Orlando child support lawyer explains what these are.

What Factors are Considered when Child Support is Determined? 

The Florida family courts will consider many factors when determining the amount of child support to be paid. These include the current healthcare and educational needs of the child, the net income of each parent, and any future needs of the child. The net income of the parents is any remaining income after taxes and deductions are made. The net incomes are added together and compared to a chart outlined in state law to determine the proper amount of child support.

Other Factors that Impact Child Support 

There are instances when using the statute guideline is not practical. For example, if the combined net income of the two parents is $5,000, one parent may only earn $1,000 of that amount. Ordering the lower-earning party to use their entire income for child support is unfair. In these cases, judges have the authority to deviate from the formula and order a smaller amount to be paid. Likewise, if a parent earns much more and can afford it, they may have to pay a higher amount of support.

There are many other factors the family courts use to determine child support, including:

  • A need to accommodate a child with a disability
  • The child’s age
  • The psychological and medical needs of the child
  • Regular changes in a parent’s income, such as if they perform seasonal work
  • Any income earned by the child

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