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Monthly Archives: July 2023


How Long Does Alimony Last in Orlando?

By Anderson & Ferrin |

When going through a divorce, one spouse may be ordered to pay alimony. Couples can reach an agreement about this term and if it is fair, a judge will approve it. If the couples cannot agree, or a judge deems an agreement unfair, the court will decide. Many factors are considered when determining what… Read More »

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How to Ensure Your Premarital Agreement is Valid

By Anderson & Ferrin |

Premarital agreements, also commonly referred to as prenuptial agreements, outline how couples will handle financial issues during the marriage, and in the event the two people get divorced. Premarital agreements are final and legally binding. Postnuptial agreements work very similarly, but they are drafted once a couple is already married. Prenups can provide both… Read More »

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Can I Ask My Spouse to Pay My Attorney Fees During Divorce?

By Anderson & Ferrin |

Everyone knows that divorce can be expensive. Depending on the number of issues and complexities in a case, a divorce can cost a person thousands of dollars in legal fees. The thought of this is enough to make some people consider going through the process without legal representation, or even remain in an unhappy… Read More »

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Three Tips to Lower the Cost of Your Divorce

By Anderson & Ferrin |

The cost of divorce is one reason why people are sometimes hesitant to file. They are not only worried about what they will lose during the process, but also how much they will have to pay in attorney’s fees and other expenses. Fortunately, while it may not seem as though there is a lot… Read More »

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Four Elements To Include In Your Parenting Plan

By Anderson & Ferrin |

If you are getting a divorce and you and your spouse have children together, you will both have to create a parenting plan together. Ideally, you and your spouse will agree on the plan but if that is not the case, the court will create the plan. Creating a plan on your own is… Read More »

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