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I had a child with a married woman, what are my rights?

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Have you had a child with a married woman? My name is Michael Ferrin with the law office of Anderson & Ferrin, and you’d be surprised to know with regards to the rights that you might or might not have regarding that situation. Generally speaking, when a child is born during a marriage, the child is considered a child of the marriage, this is called the marital presumption. What this means is that the child is actually considered legally to be the child of the husband, regardless of whether the husband is the biological father or not. Recently, there were some case law in 2018 that came out that has expanded the ability of a biological father to come and actually establish his rights to his biological child. This was much more difficult previously to this case coming out and we are actually very excited to know that we have a few cases that are actually pending right now where we’re actually applying this new case law. So we’re actually very excited to see what happens in the court. So if you have this particular circumstance arising in your life, please give us a call at 407-412-7041 and set up a free consultation, I’ll be more than happy to discuss that with you.

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